Martha’s Vineyard Shell Recovery Partnership

Created in 2011 and funded by a grant from the Edey Foundation, the Martha’s Vineyard Shell Recovery Partnership seeks to recover shell material from local restaurants & businesses.

Shell is a truly native source needed for the continuation of wild oyster populations. When shellfish are havested that shell is removed from a waterbody and oyster habitat suffers.Each year the MV Shellfish Group works towards re-establishing oyster populations island-wide. This is done simply by returning shell to the seafloor. Often there is a shortage of available shell on Martha’s Vineyard, forcing MVSG to seek and sometimes purchase recycled shell from the mainland.
Shell donors (i.e. restaurants/businesses) can look forward to reducing dumpster waste volume.

Project Goals :

1 – Provide a natural resource of shell to protect and maintain local shellfish habitat.

2 – Develop a higher standard of water quality- as shells are primarily composed of calcium carbonate- a natural water acidification buffer.

3 – Recycle shell to reduce bulk waste from the Vineyard waste stream.

Contact :

Affiliate : Martha’s Vineyard Shellfish Group, Inc.


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