Let them SING. Live music line up at this Saturday’s Living Local

Programming the music for the Living Local Harvest Festival is just like the process of selecting candy at the self-serve concessions at the movie theater. Its a thoughtful process putting together a perfect bag of candy that will satisfy both your mood and the entertainment ahead. You get the idea…Sweet and tart? (romantic films) – Smooth chocolate with tangy salt? (gangster films) – Power sugar (action films)….

Our music coordinator Dana Edelman hit the perfect note this year with his expert combination that will delight, entertain and satisfy any mood or taste..

We hope to see you…(Agricultural Hall this Saturday, October 1st…)

1PM: Nina Violet

12PM: David Hannon (Great blues singer)

1PM: Brazilian Jazz Trio (Helloizio Gomes, Leonardo Alves & Oziel Saints)

2PM: Sabrina Leuning w/ Don Groover 

3PM: Young Fiddlers Showcase

6PM – 9PM: PickPocket Bluegrass Band

_MG_2954 (2)

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