Extra! Extra! Read all about it! Check out the Living Local Harvest Festival’s 2016 schedule!

The 17th annual

Living Local Harvest Festival

High-lights island campaigns to

‘Reduce, Reuse, Recycle’

 to encourage the community to think before we buy and find simple ways to create a more trash-free island.


Friday, September 30th: Opening Night


Storyteller Susan Klein will be our guest moderator for an evening with island educators sharing their “Back in the Day” stories about simpler times on the Vineyard. We will explore homesteading, creative uses for waste and living consciously. Dessert and coffee by Morning Glory Farm will be served. Sponsored by Cape Cod Five Cents Foundation & WCAI

Saturday, October 1st: Living Local Harvest Festival

The free annual two-day festival celebrating the people who make Martha’s Vineyard tick. Enjoy the educational programs and workshops, 50+ interactive booths from island organizations, all day local food, live music, games and crafts for kids-of-all ages, pumpkin carving, farm animals, horse rides, face painting, field games, local reptiles with Felix Neck Wildlife Sanctuary, Cape Light Compact & the MV Science Kids ‘Energy Carnival’ and more!



Program: Native reptiles and amphibians with Felix Neck Wildlife Sanctuary (compost tent)


Music: Nina Violet

Program: “Electric Utilities of the Future” with Cape Light Compact’s Maggie Downey (front hall)


Music: Sing the Blues with David Hannon (music tent)

Program: The Life of Trash (front room)

How will it end its life? ‘The Life of Trash’ tells the tale of where Martha’s Vineyard’s trash goes.

When we trash food, plastic, paper and everything else, it must go somewhere, right? It was not an easy assignment to track the 33,500 tons of trash that is sent off-Island for incineration, burial or recycling every year. ‘The Life Of Trash’ aims to help us understand what happens to the waste we create. You toss it curbside or at the local drop off, it goes to one of two transfer stations, it gets collected, shipped, processed. Sounds easy? But what is its roadmap – where is it shipped to, how is it processed and then what’s created?  Does our trash goes to a landfill or is it made into energy?  What is recycled and made into new items?  Is any of it composted at farms?

By the end of this story we hope folks are more aware.  We encourage you to think before you buy and find simple ways to reduce, reuse and recycle our way into a more trash-free island.

Living Local’s two-part discussion will present information about how much waste we create on the island and where it goes, followed by an in-depth talk about food waste.  The conversation will be moderated by food reporter Elspeth Hay from WCAI.

Part One: Where does our Trash go?

Few of us spend much time pondering the fate of our trash once it leaves our house, which helps explain why generate so much of it. Here’s the story from island experts of where our island trash goes.

Part Two: Focus in on Food Waste: Reduce, Recover, Recycle

Reducing your food waste at home, rescuing foods from the fields and stores for schools and those in need, and setting the stage for an Island-wide organic composting program.

Guest speakers include:

Don Hatch, Martha’s Vineyard Refuse District (MVRD)

Recycling educators, hosted by Vineyard Conservation Society

Sophie Abrams of ‘Composting on the Coast’

Patti Howard, SEMASS

Jamie O’Gorman, Island Grown Gleaning

Constance Messemer, LOVEmv Don’t Litter


Music: Brazilian Jazz with Helloizio Gomes, Leonardo Alves & Oziel Saints (music tent)


Music: Sabrina Leuning and Don Groover (island tent)

Program: ‘All About Composting’ (compost tent)

This workshop highlights all that you need to know about composting – from why it’s good, ideas and demos of how to do it and what you can do with it when it’s ‘cooked’. Our island experts will share their tricks turning your food scraps into gold with just three basic ingredients – browns, greens and water. Your garden and yard will celebrate! Moderated by Heather Goldstone, Science correspondent and Host of Living Lab Radio for WCAI/WGBH.

Guest speakers include:

Rebecca Sanders, The FARM Institute

Scott Golden, MV Charter School

Noli Taylor and Kaila Allen-Posin, Island Grown Schools

Jesse Gherke, The FARM Institute  


Music: Young Fiddlers (all welcome, sign up at the Music tent)


Community Supper hosted by Scottish Bakehouse “Food with Roots”

Yummy island produce donated by (thank you!) Slip Away Farm, Thimble Farm, Whippoorwill Farm and North Tabor Farm

6PM – 9PM:

Dancing to the tunes of the PickPocket Bluegrass Band




50+ interactive booths from island organizations 

Pumpkins by Morning Glory Farm

Face Painting and crafts

Cider pressing

Upcycle a t-shirt to make your own reusable bags

Field Games with the YMCA

“The Maze”

And more..



Loco Taco


Morning Glory Farm

Not Your Sugar Mama’s

Orange Peel Bakery

Pie Chicks



The FARM Institutes’ “Piggy Sue”

Island Alpaca

Sonnyside Horse-Drawn Carriage Rides 



‘The Life of Trash’:interactive games and hands-on education

‘All About Composting’

‘Dehumidifier and and Home AC Turn-In’ (and some cash-back!) by Cape Light Compact

‘Keeping it Fresh, Tasty & Safe’: Food Storage Tips with Slow Food MV and Crane’s Appliances  


Living Local was made possible with the support of:

Cape Light Compact ‘Your Local Energy Services Provider’

The Martha’s Vineyard Agricultural Society, Anson Mills, Cape Air, Cronig’s Markets, The Cape Cod Five Cents Savings Bank Charitable Foundation Trust, Dukes County, Island Grown Initiative, Island Grown Schools, Island Source, Morning Glory Farm, MV Insurance, MV Commission, Scottish Bakehouse, Slow Food MV, South Mountain Co., The FARM Institute, The Martha’s Vineyard Times, Tisbury Printers, Tilton Rentals, Vineyard Conservation Society, Vineyard Energy Project, WCAI and YOU Martha’s Vineyard!

Living Local aims to be a ZERO WASTE event!


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