SIGN UP TODAY for your spot at the 2016 Living Local Harvest Festival!

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‘Reduce, Re-use, Re-cycle’

Hello Islanders! Here we go with more information on the theme for the 17th annual Living Local Harvest Festival. We aim to demystify where our trash goes once it leaves the house and horrify you 🙂 –  about how much trash, most of it food waste, we all create.

Our goal is to get us all thinking about the impact the trash we throw away has on our island, wallets and the world.

We hope you all walk away with a new understanding that you can make a positive impact on reducing waste….


  • Think before you buy (reduce!)
  • Find new ways to use your stuff (re-use!)
  • Separate your trash (recycle!) so it can be made into something else.

Well, we sure love this island and we hope generations to come can too. 


(or here:


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