WORKSHOP and PANELS on Saturday, October 4th – Folks, grab a coffee, a bite and log in some time with our amazing line up!

WOW, what a line up!

Folks, grab a coffee, a bite to eat and log in some time with our amazing line up of WORKSHOP and PANELS .

10am – Front Room

‘BIOCHAR, Local options for reducing our carbon footprint and amending your soil with Nathaniel Mulcahy, Founder, Director of Worldstove LLC.’

What is Biochar? It is the name for charcoal when is used for particular purposes, especially as a soil amendment. The reported benefits are many such as: enhanced plant growth, supressed methane emission, reduced nitrous, oxide emissions , fertilizer requirements and leaching of nutrients. Come meet Nathaniel as he shares his passion for char and the amazing opportunities it can bring to communities around the world.

Hosted by MV Shellfish Group and the Vision Fellowship.

Want some more info?

 11am – inside Agricultural Hall

‘Cook with Albert Lattanzi from “Local Wild Food Challenge’

Founded by the dynmanic Billy, Sarah and Gracie Manson, the Martha’s Vineyard (and international) Local Wild Food Challenge event drives folks to depths of ‘local’ like they have never gone before. Come taste some cool new foods, and be sure to sign up at the festival for the October 13th competition at The Rod & Gun Club.

12pm – Front Room

‘Creating an ‘Island Food Hub’ with Keith Wilda Farm Manager, IGI Thimble Farm and Special Guests.’

How do we bring Island producers and Island consumers together? How do we get Island grown food into more local restaurants, markets and institutions? Come see the working concept of Island Grown Initiative to house a Vineyard “Food Hub” at Thimble Farm and join the discussion on how a ‘Hub’ could tackle a critical need: the infrastructure and business management needed to handle the logistics of bringing food from the farm to the plate.

12pm – Sassafras Earth Education Fire

‘Nature Connection Mentoring’ with Saskia Vanderhoop of Sassafras Earth Education’

Why is connecting to nature vital to create regenerative community?   Join Saskia as she discusses ‘Nature Connection Mentoring,’ a holistic approach that draws from the educational methods of many different cultural and traditional lineages. The program will discuss creating a culture of nature connection, inquiry, what are the individual challenges that stretch the edges of the learners’ awareness and how the gifts of each individual can serve the larger community.

1pm – Front Porch of Ag Hall

“Seed Saving” with Ken Green from Hudson Valley Seed Library

Come learn the basics of seed saving! Ken Greene from Hudson Valley Seed Library, the country’s first, will be co-leading a 1 hour workshop for home gardeners, island growers and those curious about the origins of their food. Community members are invited to bring their favorite locally grown tomatoes, bean pods, dry lettuce and flower stalks from healthy, open-pollinated (not hybrid) plants to work with at the workshop. Materials for the workshop will be provided.

The event will be the launch of the Islands first seed library at the West Tisbury Public Library.   All are invited to bring seeds to help build the new seed library catalog.

Hosted by: The Farm Institute, Island Grown Schools, West Tisbury Library, Martha’s Vineyard Community Seed Library Coalition

2pm – Front Room

Delicious and Effective Herbal Medicines” with Holly Bellebuono of Vineyard Herbs

Join herbalist and author Holly Bellebuono for a delightful demonstration of making delicious and effective herbal medicines. Learn how to use basic kitchen ingredients to craft your own remedies at home with fresh herbs. Tastings and samples will be provided.






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