Opening night FREE Screening of ‘Open Sesame’ Friday, October 3rd


Join us for the opening night of the Living Local Harvest Festival on Friday, October 3rd!

First come first served! Sign up NOW to reserve your seat HERE.


The Martha’s Vineyard Film Society is pleased to present OPEN SESAME in collaboration with Living Local MV, The Farm Institute, Island Grown Schools and Martha’s Vineyard Community Seed Library. 

One of the world’s most precious resources is at risk and most people don’t know that is happening or what to do. This groundbreaking film will help others learn what is at stake and what can be done to protect the source of nearly all our food: SEEDS.

While the price of gold and oil skyrockets the fate of our most priceless commodity is ignored. Seeds provide the basis for everything from fabric, to food to fuels. Seeds are as essential to life as the air we breathe or water we drink…but given far less attention. Over the past one hundred years, seeds have steadily shifted from being common heritage to sovereign property.

In the past, seeds were communal. They were a shared resource not unlike the water we drink or the air we breathe. One hundred years ago things started to change. Today, corporate-owned seed accounts for 82% of the world-wide market. Seeds are no longer ‘free’ or open source, they are proprietary.

As you can tell, there is plenty that might keep you up at night, but this will neither be a downer nor a negative documentary. Rather it will be a project that inspires people with the beauty, mystery and intrinsic potential for change that lies dormant within each seed.

You’ll meet a diverse range of individuals whose lives center around seeds. Farmers. Renegade gardeners. Passionate seed savers. Artists. Seed activists. The most innovative thinkers and consciousness raisers of our generation. This film will take viewers on a journey to experience the story of seeds like no other.

It’s not too late…yet. There are many reasons to be hopeful.




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